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MolLM: A Unified Language Model to Integrate Biomedical Text with 2D and 3D Molecular Representations
Xiangru Tang, Andrew Tran, Jeffrey Tan, Mark B. Gerstein (2023). bioRxiv.

Igniting Language Intelligence: The Hitchhiker's Guide From Chain-of-Thought Reasoning to Language Agents
Zhuosheng Zhang, Yao Yao, Aston Zhang, Xiangru Tang, Xinbei Ma, Zhiwei He, Yiming Wang, Mark Gerstein, Rui Wang, Gongshen Liu, Hai Zhao (2023). arXiv.

MedAgents: Large Language Models as Collaborators for Zero-shot Medical Reasoning
Xiangru Tang, Anni Zou, Zhuosheng Zhang, Yilun Zhao, Xingyao Zhang, Arman Cohan, Mark Gerstein (2023). arXiv.

ML-Bench: Large Language Models Leverage Open-source Libraries for Machine Learning Tasks
Yuliang Liu, Xiangru Tang, Zefan Cai, Junjie Lu, Yichi Zhang, Yanjun Shao, Zexuan Deng, Helan Hu, Zengxian Yang, Kaikai An, Ruijun Huang, Shuzheng Si, Sheng Chen, Haozhe Zhao, Zhengliang Li, Liang Chen, Yiming Zong, Yan Wang, Tianyu Liu, Zhiwei Jiang, Baobao Chang, Yujia Qin, Wangchunshu Zhou, Yilun Zhao, Arman Cohan, Mark Gerstein (2023). arXiv.

Struc-Bench: Are Large Language Models Really Good at Generating Complex Structured Data?
Xiangru Tang, Yiming Zong, Jason Phang, Yilun Zhao, Wangchunshu Zhou, Arman Cohan, Mark Gerstein (2023). arXiv.

BioCoder: A Benchmark for Bioinformatics Code Generation with Contextual Pragmatic Knowledge
Xiangru Tang, Bill Qian, Rick Gao, Jiakang Chen, Xinyun Chen, Mark Gerstein (2023). arXiv.

Leveraging a large language model to predict protein phase transition: a physical, multiscale and interpretable approach
M Frank, P Ni, M Jensen, MB Gerstein (2023). bioRxiv.

chronODE: A framework to integrate time-series multi-omics data based on ordinary differential equations combined with machine learning
B Borsari, M Frank, ES Wattenberg, K Xu, S Liu, X Yu, MB Gerstein (2023). bioRxiv.

The ENCODE4 long-read RNA-seq collection reveals distinct classes of transcript structure diversity.
F Reese, B Williams, G Balderrama-Gutierrez, D Wyman, MH Celik, E Rebboah, N Rezaie, D Trout, M Razavi-Mohseni, Y Jiang, B Borsari, S Morabito, HY Liang, CJ McGill, S Rahmanian, J Sakr, S Jiang, W Zeng, K Carvalho, AK Weimer, LA Dionne, A McShane, K Bedi, SI Elhajjajy, S Upchurch, J Jou, I Youngworth, I Gabdank, P Sud, O Jolanki, JS Strattan, MS Kagda, MP Snyder, BC Hitz, JE Moore, Z Weng, D Bennett, L Reinholdt, M Ljungman, MA Beer, MB Gerstein, L Pachter, R Guigo, BJ Wold, A Mortazavi (Preprint). bioRxiv.

REPIC — an ensemble learning methodology for cryo-EM particle picking
CJF Cameron, SJH Seager, FJ Sigworth, HD Tagare, MB Gerstein (2023). bioRxiv.

Compression-based Network Interpretability Schemes
J Warrell, H Mohsen, M Gerstein (2020). bioRxiv.

LESSeq: Local event-based analysis of alternative splicing using RNA-Seq data
J Leng, CJF Cameron, S Oh, E Khurana, JP Noonan, MB Gerstein (2019). bioRxiv.

-- 2024 (4) --

Latent Evolutionary Signatures: A General Framework for Analyzing Music and Cultural Evolution
J Warrell, L Salichos, M Gancz, MB Gerstein (2024). J R Soc Interface 21: 20230647.

scENCORE: leveraging single-cell epigenetic data to predict chromatin conformation using graph embedding
Z Duan, S Xu, S Sai Srinivasan, A Hwang, CY Lee, F Yue, M Gerstein, Y Luan, M Girgenti, J Zhang (2024). Brief Bioinform 25.

Less-is-more: selecting transcription factor binding regions informative for motif inference.
J Xu, J Gao, P Ni, M Gerstein (2024). Nucleic Acids Res 52: e20.

ToolLLM: Facilitating Large Language Models to Master 16000+ Real-world APIs
Yujia Qin, Shihao Liang, Yining Ye, Kunlun Zhu, Lan Yan, Yaxi Lu, Yankai Lin, Xin Cong, Xiangru Tang, Bill Qian, Sihan Zhao, Lauren Hong, Runchu Tian, Ruobing Xie, Jie Zhou, Mark Gerstein, Dahai Li, Zhiyuan Liu, Maosong Sun (2024). The Twelfth International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2024).

-- 2023 (21) --

Investigating Data Contamination in Modern Benchmarks for Large Language Models
Chunyuan Deng, Yilun Zhao, Xiangru Tang, Mark Gerstein, Arman Cohan (2023). NeurIPS 2023 Workshop on Backdoors in Deep Learning - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

GersteinLab at MEDIQA-Chat 2023: Clinical Note Summarization from Doctor-Patient Conversations through Fine-tuning and In-context Learning
Xiangru Tang, Andrew Tran, Jeffrey Tan, Mark Gerstein (2023). Proceedings of the 5th Clinical Natural Language Processing Workshop.

Aligning factual consistency for clinical studies summarization through reinforcement learning
Xiangru Tang, Arman Cohan, Mark Gerstein (2023). Proceedings of the 5th Clinical Natural Language Processing Workshop.

Assessing and mitigating privacy risks of sparse, noisy genotypes by local alignment to haplotype databases.
PS Emani, MN Geradi, G Gursoy, MR Grasty, A Miranker, MB Gerstein (2023). Genome Res 33: 2156-73.

Disentangled Wasserstein Autoencoder for T-Cell Receptor Engineering
T Li, H Guo, F Grazioli, MB Gerstein, MR Min (2023). NeurIPS 2023.

Calculating the future
D Greenbaum, M Gerstein (2023). Science 380: 589.

Resisting efficiency’s overreach
D Greenbaum, M Gerstein (2023). Science 381: 1162.

More than bad luck: Cancer and aging are linked to replication-driven changes to the epigenome.
CJ Minteer, K Thrush, J Gonzalez, P Niimi, M Rozenblit, J Rozowsky, J Liu, M Frank, T McCabe, AT Higgins-Chen, E Hofstatter, L Pusztai, K Beckman, M Gerstein, ME Levine (2023). Sci Adv 9: eadf4163.

Minor intron splicing is critical for survival of lethal prostate cancer.
A Augspach, KD Drake, L Roma, E Qian, SR Lee, D Clarke, S Kumar, M Jaquet, J Gallon, M Bolis, J Triscott, JA Galvan, Y Chen, GN Thalmann, M Kruithof-de Julio, JP Theurillat, S Wuchty, M Gerstein, S Piscuoglio, RN Kanadia, MA Rubin (2023). Mol Cell 83: 1983-2002e11.

The association between evening social media use and delayed sleep may be causal: Suggestive evidence from 120 million Reddit timestamps
WU Meyerson, SK Fineberg, FC Andrade, P Corlett, MB Gerstein, RH Hoyle (2023). Sleep Med 107: 212-218.

Genetic determination of regional connectivity in modelling the spread of COVID-19 outbreak for more efficient mitigation strategies
L Salichos, J Warrell, H Cevasco, A Chung, M Gerstein (2023). Sci Rep 13: 8470.

exRNA-eCLIP intersection analysis reveals a map of extracellular RNA binding proteins and associated RNAs across major human biofluids and carriers.
EL LaPlante, A Sturchler, R Fullem, D Chen, AC Starner, E Esquivel, E Alsop, AR Jackson, I Ghiran, G Pereira, J Rozowsky, J Chang, MB Gerstein, RP Alexander, ME Roth, JL Franklin, RJ Coffey, RL Raffai, IM Mansuy, S Stavrakis, AJ deMello, LC Laurent, YT Wang, CF Tsai, T Liu, J Jones, K Van Keuren-Jensen, E Van Nostrand, B Mateescu, A Milosavljevic (2023). Cell Genom 3: 100303.

Constructing a multiple-layer interactome for SARS-CoV-2 in the context of lung disease: Linking the virus with human genes and co-infecting microbes
S Lou, M Yang, T Li, W Zhao, H Cevasco, YT Yang, M Gerstein (2023). PLoS Comput Biol 19: e1011222.

Unified views on variant impact across many diseases
S Kumar, M Gerstein (2023). Trends Genet 39: 442-450.

The EN-TEx resource of multi-tissue personal epigenomes & variant-impact models
J Rozowsky, J Gao, B Borsari, YT Yang, T Galeev, G Gursoy, CB Epstein, K Xiong, J Xu, T Li, J Liu, K Yu, A Berthel, Z Chen, F Navarro, MS Sun, J Wright, J Chang, CJF Cameron, N Shoresh, E Gaskell, J Drenkow, J Adrian, S Aganezov, F Aguet, G Balderrama-Gutierrez, S Banskota, GB Corona, S Chee, SB Chhetri, GC Cortez Martins, C Danyko, CA Davis, D Farid, NP Farrell, I Gabdank, Y Gofin, DU Gorkin, M Gu, V Hecht, BC Hitz, R Issner, Y Jiang, M Kirsche, X Kong, BR Lam, S Li, B Li, X Li, KZ Lin, R Luo, M Mackiewicz, R Meng, JE Moore, J Mudge, N Nelson, C Nusbaum, I Popov, HE Pratt, Y Qiu, S Ramakrishnan, J Raymond, L Salichos, A Scavelli, JM Schreiber, FJ Sedlazeck, LH See, RM Sherman, X Shi, M Shi, CA Sloan, JS Strattan, Z Tan, FY Tanaka, A Vlasova, J Wang, J Werner, B Williams, M Xu, C Yan, L Yu, C Zaleski, J Zhang, K Ardlie, JM Cherry, EM Mendenhall, WS Noble, Z Weng, ME Levine, A Dobin, B Wold, A Mortazavi, B Ren, J Gillis, RM Myers, MP Snyder, J Choudhary, A Milosavljevic, MC Schatz, BE Bernstein, R Guigo, TR Gingeras, M Gerstein (2023). Cell 186: 1493-1511e40.

Estimation of Bedtimes of Reddit Users: Integrated Analysis of Time Stamps and Surveys
WU Meyerson, SK Fineberg, YK Song, A Faber, G Ash, FC Andrade, P Corlett, MB Gerstein, RH Hoyle (2023). JMIR Form Res 7: e38112.

Privacy-preserving cancer type prediction with homomorphic encryption
E Sarkar, E Chielle, G Gursoy, L Chen, M Gerstein, M Maniatakos (2023). Sci Rep 13: 1661.

Binding peptide generation for MHC Class I proteins with deep reinforcement learning
Z Chen, B Zhang, H Guo, P Emani, T Clancy, C Jiang, M Gerstein, X Ning, C Cheng, MR Min (2023). Bioinformatics 39.

Proteome-wide screening for mitogen-activated protein kinase docking motifs and interactors
G Shi, C Song, J Torres Robles, L Salichos, HJ Lou, TT Lam, M Gerstein, BE Turk (2023). Sci Signal 16: eabm5518.

Recurrent repeat expansions in human cancer genomes
GS Erwin, G Gursoy, R Al-Abri, A Suriyaprakash, E Dolzhenko, K Zhu, CR Hoerner, SM White, L Ramirez, A Vadlakonda, A Vadlakonda, K von Kraut, J Park, CM Brannon, DA Sumano, RA Kirtikar, AA Erwin, TJ Metzner, RKC Yuen, AC Fan, JT Leppert, MA Eberle, M Gerstein, MP Snyder (2023). Nature 613: 96-102.

Insights from incorporating quantum computing into drug design workflows
B Lau, PS Emani, J Chapman, L Yao, T Lam, P Merrill, J Warrell, MB Gerstein, HYK Lam (2023). Bioinformatics 39.

-- 2022 (20) --

Baseline gene expression profiling determines long-term benefit to programmed cell death protein 1 axis blockade
IA Vathiotis, L Salichos, S Martinez-Morilla, N Gavrielatou, TN Aung, S Shafi, PF Wong, S Jessel, HM Kluger, KN Syrigos, S Warren, M Gerstein, DL Rimm (2022). NPJ Precis Oncol 6: 92.

Genomic research data and the justice system.
D Greenbaum, M Gerstein (2022). Science 377: 826-827.

Building integrative functional maps of gene regulation.
J Xu, HE Pratt, JE Moore, MB Gerstein, Z Weng (2022). Hum Mol Genet 31: R114-R122.

GATTACA is still pertinent 25 years later
D Greenbaum, M Gerstein (2022). Nat Genet 54: 1758-1760.

Baseline gene expression profiling determines long-term benefit to programmed cell death protein 1 axis blockade.
IA Vathiotis, L Salichos, S Martinez-Morilla, N Gavrielatou, TN Aung, S Shafi, PF Wong, S Jessel, HM Kluger, KN Syrigos, S Warren, M Gerstein, DL Rimm (2022). NPJ Precis Oncol 6: 92.

Illuminating links between cis-regulators and trans-acting variants in the human prefrontal cortex.
S Liu, H Won, D Clarke, N Matoba, S Khullar, Y Mu, D Wang, M Gerstein (2022). Genome Med 14: 133.

Genomic Privacy: Advocating for the Convergence of Legal and Technical Solutions
C Kockan, D Greenbaum, D Lee, M Gerstein (2022). Georgetown Journal of International Affairs 23.2 (2022): 246-253..

DeepVelo: Single-cell transcriptomic deep velocity field learning with neural ordinary differential equations.
Z Chen, WC King, A Hwang, M Gerstein, J Zhang (2022). Sci Adv 8: eabq3745.

Venus: An efficient virus infection detection and fusion site discovery method using single-cell and bulk RNA-seq data.
CY Lee, Y Chen, Z Duan, M Xu, MJ Girgenti, K Xu, M Gerstein, J Zhang (2022). PLoS Comput Biol 18: e1010636.

Broad transcriptomic dysregulation occurs across the cerebral cortex in ASD.
MJ Gandal, JR Haney, B Wamsley, CX Yap, S Parhami, PS Emani, N Chang, GT Chen, GD Hoftman, D de Alba, G Ramaswami, CL Hartl, A Bhattacharya, C Luo, T Jin, D Wang, R Kawaguchi, D Quintero, J Ou, YE Wu, NN Parikshak, V Swarup, TG Belgard, M Gerstein, B Pasaniuc, DH Geschwind (2022). Nature 611: 532-539.

FAVOR: functional annotation of variants online resource and annotator for variation across the human genome.
H Zhou, T Arapoglou, X Li, Z Li, X Zheng, J Moore, A Asok, S Kumar, EE Blue, S Buyske, N Cox, A Felsenfeld, M Gerstein, E Kenny, B Li, T Matise, A Philippakis, HL Rehm, HJ Sofia, G Snyder, NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program Variant Functional Annotation Working Group, Z Weng, B Neale, SR Sunyaev, X Lin (2022). Nucleic Acids Res 51: D1300-D1311.

Privacy-preserving Model Training for Disease Prediction Using Federated Learning with Differential Privacy.
A Khanna, V Schaffer, G Gursoy, M Gerstein (2022). Annu Int Conf IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2022: 1358-1361.

Phase 2 of extracellular RNA communication consortium charts next-generation approaches for extracellular RNA research.
B Mateescu, JC Jones, RP Alexander, E Alsop, JY An, M Asghari, A Boomgarden, L Bouchareychas, A Cayota, HC Chang, A Charest, DT Chiu, RJ Coffey, S Das, P De Hoff, A deMello, C D'Souza-Schorey, D Elashoff, KR Eliato, JL Franklin, DJ Galas, MB Gerstein, IH Ghiran, DB Go, S Gould, TR Grogan, JN Higginbotham, F Hladik, TJ Huang, X Huo, E Hutchins, DK Jeppesen, T Jovanovic-Talisman, BYS Kim, S Kim, KM Kim, Y Kim, RR Kitchen, V Knouse, EL LaPlante, CB Lebrilla, LJ Lee, KM Lennon, G Li, F Li, T Li, T Liu, Z Liu, AL Maddox, K McCarthy, B Meechoovet, N Maniya, Y Meng, A Milosavljevic, BH Min, A Morey, M Ng, J Nolan, GP De Oliveira Junior, ME Paulaitis, TA Phu, RL Raffai, E Reategui, ME Roth, DA Routenberg, J Rozowsky, J Rufo, S Senapati, S Shachar, H Sharma, AK Sood, S Stavrakis, A Sturchler, M Tewari, JP Tosar, AK Tucker-Schwartz, A Turchinovich, N Valkov, K Van Keuren-Jensen, KC Vickers, L Vojtech, WN Vreeland, C Wang, K Wang, Z Wang, JA Welsh, KW Witwer, DTW Wong, J Xia, YH Xie, K Yang, MP Zaborowski, C Zhang, Q Zhang, AM Zivkovic, LC Laurent (2022). iScience 25: 104653.

Standardized annotation of translated open reading frames.
JM Mudge, J Ruiz-Orera, JR Prensner, MA Brunet, F Calvet, I Jungreis, JM Gonzalez, M Magrane, TF Martinez, JF Schulz, YT Yang, MM Alba, JL Aspden, PV Baranov, AA Bazzini, E Bruford, MJ Martin, L Calviello, AR Carvunis, J Chen, JP Couso, EW Deutsch, P Flicek, A Frankish, M Gerstein, N Hubner, NT Ingolia, M Kellis, G Menschaert, RL Moritz, U Ohler, X Roucou, A Saghatelian, JS Weissman, S van Heesch (2022). Nat Biotechnol 40: 994-999.

Switching labs during a PhD.
J Park, M Gerstein (2022). Nature.

Storing and analyzing a genome on a blockchain.
G Gursoy, CM Brannon, E Ni, S Wagner, A Khanna, M Gerstein (2022). Genome Biol 23: 134.

Forest Fire Clustering for single-cell sequencing combines iterative label propagation with parallelized Monte Carlo simulations.
Z Chen, J Goldwasser, P Tuckman, J Liu, J Zhang, M Gerstein (2022). Nat Commun 13: 3538.

Cancer Relevance of Human Genes.
T Qing, H Mohsen, VL Cannataro, M Marczyk, M Rozenblit, J Foldi, M Murray, JP Townsend, Y Kluger, M Gerstein, L Pusztai (2022). J Natl Cancer Inst 114: 988-995.

The lasting legacy of John von Neumann
D Greenbaum, M Gerstein (2022). Science 375: 983.

Centers for Mendelian Genomics: A decade of facilitating gene discovery
SM Baxter, JE Posey, NJ Lake, N Sobreira, JX Chong, S Buyske, EE Blue, LH Chadwick, ZH Coban-Akdemir, KF Doheny, CP Davis, M Lek, C Wellington, SN Jhangiani, M Gerstein, RA Gibbs, RP Lifton, DG MacArthur, TC Matise, JR Lupski, D Valle, MJ Bamshad, A Hamosh, S Mane, DA Nickerson, Centers for Mendelian Genomics Consortium, HL Rehm, A O'Donnell-Luria (2022). Genet Med 24: 784-797.

-- 2021 (19) --

Haplotype-resolved diverse human genomes and integrated analysis of structural variation.
P Ebert, PA Audano, Q Zhu, B Rodriguez-Martin, D Porubsky, MJ Bonder, A Sulovari, J Ebler, W Zhou, R Serra Mari, F Yilmaz, X Zhao, P Hsieh, J Lee, S Kumar, J Lin, T Rausch, Y Chen, J Ren, M Santamarina, W Hops, H Ashraf, NT Chuang, X Yang, KM Munson, AP Lewis, S Fairley, LJ Tallon, WE Clarke, AO Basile, M Byrska-Bishop, A Corvelo, US Evani, TY Lu, MJP Chaisson, J Chen, C Li, H Brand, AM Wenger, M Ghareghani, WT Harvey, B Raeder, P Hasenfeld, AA Regier, HJ Abel, IM Hall, P Flicek, O Stegle, MB Gerstein, JMC Tubio, Z Mu, YI Li, X Shi, AR Hastie, K Ye, Z Chong, AD Sanders, MC Zody, ME Talkowski, RE Mills, SE Devine, C Lee, JO Korbel, T Marschall, EE Eichler (2021). Science 372.

Cross-platform transcriptomic profiling of the response to recombinant human erythropoietin.
G Wang, T Kitaoka, A Crawford, Q Mao, A Hesketh, FM Guppy, GI Ash, J Liu, MB Gerstein, YP Pitsiladis (2021). Sci Rep 11: 21705.

Fast and Scalable Private Genotype Imputation Using Machine Learning and Partially Homomorphic Encryption.
E Sarkar, E Chielle, G Gursoy, O Mazonka, M Gerstein, M Maniatakos (2021). IEEE Access 9: 93097-93110.

Expectations and blind spots for structural variation detection from long-read assemblies and short-read genome sequencing technologies.
X Zhao, RL Collins, WP Lee, AM Weber, Y Jun, Q Zhu, B Weisburd, Y Huang, PA Audano, H Wang, M Walker, C Lowther, J Fu, Human Genome Structural Variation Consortium, MB Gerstein, SE Devine, T Marschall, JO Korbel, EE Eichler, MJP Chaisson, C Lee, RE Mills, H Brand, ME Talkowski (2021). Am J Hum Genet 108: 919-928.

A new tool for technical standardization of the Ki67 immunohistochemical assay.
TN Aung, B Acs, J Warrell, Y Bai, P Gaule, S Martinez-Morilla, I Vathiotis, S Shafi, M Moutafi, M Gerstein, B Freiberg, R Fulton, DL Rimm (2021). Mod Pathol 34: 1261-1270.

Functional genomics data: privacy risk assessment and technological mitigation.
G Gursoy, T Li, S Liu, E Ni, CM Brannon, MB Gerstein (2021). Nat Rev Genet 23: 245-258.

Privacy-preserving genotype imputation with fully homomorphic encryption.
G Gursoy, E Chielle, CM Brannon, M Maniatakos, M Gerstein (2021). Cell Syst 13: 173-182e3.

Nodal modulator (NOMO) is required to sustain endoplasmic reticulum morphology.
C Amaya, CJF Cameron, SC Devarkar, SJH Seager, MB Gerstein, Y Xiong, C Schlieker (2021). J Biol Chem 297: 100937.

Differences in evolutionary accessibility determine which equally effective regulatory motif evolves to generate pulses.
K Xiong, M Gerstein, J Masel (2021). Genetics 219.

DECODE: a Deep-learning framework for Condensing enhancers and refining boundaries with large-scale functional assays.
Z Chen, J Zhang, J Liu, Y Dai, D Lee, MR Min, M Xu, M Gerstein (2021). Bioinformatics 37: i280-i288.

Recovering genotypes and phenotypes using allele-specific genes.
G Gursoy, N Lu, S Wagner, M Gerstein (2021). Genome Biol 22: 263.

Network propagation-based prioritization of long tail genes in 17 cancer types.
H Mohsen, V Gunasekharan, T Qing, M Seay, Y Surovtseva, S Negahban, Z Szallasi, L Pusztai, MB Gerstein (2021). Genome Biol 22: 287.

Establishing a Global Standard for Wearable Devices in Sport and Exercise Medicine: Perspectives from Academic and Industry Stakeholders.
GI Ash, M Stults-Kolehmainen, MA Busa, AE Gaffey, K Angeloudis, B Muniz-Pardos, R Gregory, RA Huggins, NS Redeker, SA Weinzimer, LA Grieco, K Lyden, E Megally, I Vogiatzis, L Scher, X Zhu, JS Baker, C Brandt, MS Businelle, LM Fucito, S Griggs, R Jarrin, BJ Mortazavi, T Prioleau, W Roberts, EK Spanakis, LM Nally, A Debruyne, N Bachl, F Pigozzi, F Halabchi, DA Ramagole, DC Janse van Rensburg, B Wolfarth, C Fossati, S Rozenstoka, K Tanisawa, M Borjesson, JA Casajus, A Gonzalez-Aguero, I Zelenkova, J Swart, G Gursoy, W Meyerson, J Liu, D Greenbaum, YP Pitsiladis, MB Gerstein (2021). Sports Med 51: 2237-2250.

Bayesian structural time series for biomedical sensor data: A flexible modeling framework for evaluating interventions.
J Liu, DJ Spakowicz, GI Ash, R Hoyd, R Ahluwalia, A Zhang, S Lou, D Lee, J Zhang, C Presley, A Greene, M Stults-Kolehmainen, LM Nally, JS Baker, LM Fucito, SA Weinzimer, AV Papachristos, M Gerstein (2021). PLoS Comput Biol 17: e1009303.

Whole-genome sequencing of phenotypically distinct inflammatory breast cancers reveals similar genomic alterations to non-inflammatory breast cancers.
X Li, S Kumar, A Harmanci, S Li, RR Kitchen, Y Zhang, VB Wali, SM Reddy, WA Woodward, JM Reuben, J Rozowsky, C Hatzis, NT Ueno, S Krishnamurthy, L Pusztai, M Gerstein (2021). Genome Med 13: 70.

Gene Tracer: a smart, interactive, voice-controlled Alexa skill For gene information retrieval and browsing, mutation annotation and network visualization.
S Lou, T Li, J Liu, M Gerstein (2021). Bioinformatics 37: 2998-3000.

SCAN-ATAC-Sim: a scalable and efficient method for simulating single-cell ATAC-seq data from bulk-tissue experiments.
Z Chen, J Zhang, J Liu, Z Zhang, J Zhu, D Lee, M Xu, M Gerstein (2021). Bioinformatics 37: 1756-1758.

Molecular medicine tumor board: whole-genome sequencing to inform on personalized medicine for a man with advanced prostate cancer.
AJ Armstrong, X Li, M Tucker, S Li, XJ Mu, KW Eng, A Sboner, M Rubin, M Gerstein (2021). Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 24: 786-793.

Quantum computing at the frontiers of biological sciences
PS Emani, J Warrell, A Anticevic, S Bekiranov, M Gandal, MJ McConnell, G Sapiro, A Aspuru-Guzik, JT Baker, M Bastiani, JD Murray, SN Sotiropoulos, J Taylor, G Senthil, T Lehner, MB Gerstein, AW Harrow (2021). Nat Methods 18: 701-709.

-- 2020 (41) --

Germline variant burden in cancer genes correlates with age at diagnosis and somatic mutation burden.
T Qing, H Mohsen, M Marczyk, Y Ye, T O'Meara, H Zhao, JP Townsend, M Gerstein, C Hatzis, Y Kluger, L Pusztai (2020). Nat Commun 11: 2438.

To mock or not: a comprehensive comparison of mock IP and DNA input for ChIP-seq.
J Xu, MM Kudron, A Victorsen, J Gao, HN Ammouri, FCP Navarro, L Gevirtzman, RH Waterston, KP White, V Reinke, M Gerstein (2020). Nucleic Acids Res 49: e17.

Weight-based Neural Network Interpretability using Activation Tuning and Personalized Products
H Mohsen, J Warrell, MR Min, S Negahban, M Gerstein (2020). The 15th Machine Learning in Computational Biology Workshop.

STARRPeaker: uniform processing and accurate identification of STARR-seq active regions.
D Lee, M Shi, J Moran, M Wall, J Zhang, J Liu, D Fitzgerald, Y Kyono, L Ma, KP White, M Gerstein (2020). Genome Biol 21: 298.

A Frankish, M Diekhans, I Jungreis, J Lagarde, JE Loveland, JM Mudge, C Sisu, JC Wright, J Armstrong, I Barnes, A Berry, A Bignell, C Boix, S Carbonell Sala, F Cunningham, T Di Domenico, S Donaldson, IT Fiddes, C Garcia Giron, JM Gonzalez, T Grego, M Hardy, T Hourlier, KL Howe, T Hunt, OG Izuogu, R Johnson, FJ Martin, L Martinez, S Mohanan, P Muir, FCP Navarro, A Parker, B Pei, F Pozo, FC Riera, M Ruffier, BM Schmitt, E Stapleton, MM Suner, I Sycheva, B Uszczynska-Ratajczak, MY Wolf, J Xu, YT Yang, A Yates, D Zerbino, Y Zhang, JS Choudhary, M Gerstein, R Guigo, TJP Hubbard, M Kellis, B Paten, ML Tress, P Flicek (2020). Nucleic Acids Res 49: D916-D923.

Predicting changes in protein thermodynamic stability upon point mutation with deep 3D convolutional neural networks.
B Li, YT Yang, JA Capra, MB Gerstein (2020). PLoS Comput Biol 16: e1008291.

Data Sanitization to Reduce Private Information Leakage from Functional Genomics.
G Gursoy, P Emani, CM Brannon, OA Jolanki, A Harmanci, JS Strattan, JM Cherry, AD Miranker, M Gerstein (2020). Cell 183: 905-917e16.

SVFX: a machine learning framework to quantify the pathogenicity of structural variants.
S Kumar, A Harmanci, J Vytheeswaran, MB Gerstein (2020). Genome Biol 21: 274.

NIMBus: a negative binomial regression based Integrative Method for mutation Burden Analysis.
J Zhang, J Liu, P McGillivray, C Yi, L Lochovsky, D Lee, M Gerstein (2020). BMC Bioinformatics 21: 474.

Latent-space embedding of expression data identifies gene signatures from sputum samples of asthmatic patients.
S Lou, T Li, D Spakowicz, X Yan, GL Chupp, M Gerstein (2020). BMC Bioinformatics 21: 457.

Moving beyond buzzwords
D Greenbaum, M Gerstein (2020). Science. 370 (6513):178.

Retrospective evaluation of whole exome and genome mutation calls in 746 cancer samples.
MH Bailey, WU Meyerson, LJ Dursi, LB Wang, G Dong, WW Liang, A Weerasinghe, S Li, Y Li, S Kelso, MC3 Working Group, PCAWG novel somatic mutation calling methods working group, G Saksena, K Ellrott, MC Wendl, DA Wheeler, G Getz, JT Simpson, MB Gerstein, L Ding, PCAWG Consortium (2020). Nat Commun 11: 4748.

Predicting the frequencies of drug side effects.
D Galeano, S Li, M Gerstein, A Paccanaro (2020). Nat Commun 11: 4575.

Sex differences in oncogenic mutational processes.
CH Li, SD Prokopec, RX Sun, F Yousif, N Schmitz, PCAWG Tumour Subtypes and Clinical Translation, PC Boutros, PCAWG Consortium (2020). Nat Commun 11: 4330.

Cyclic and Multilevel Causation in Evolutionary Processes
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