YS9900S Young Investigator (PI Gerstein)
7/1/99 - 6/30/04
W.M. Keck Foundation
Comparing Genomes in terms of Protein Structure
Role: PI

The major goals of this young investigator grant are to build a library of protein folds organizing the known protein structures and then to compare genomes, particularly those of pathogenic organisms, in terms of their usage of folds from this list. However, the flexible nature of the funding allows working on a variety of related projects.

This grant has greatly benefited the Gerstein laboratory by allowing it to expand into new areas and participate in large-scale studies in the capital-intensive field of genomics.

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URL: http://www.wmkeck.org
Articles funded by this grant:
Defining the TRiC/CCT interactome links chaperonin function to stabilization of newly made proteins with complex topologies.
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Seeking a New Biology through Text Mining
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Open access: taking full advantage of the content.
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Manually structured digital abstracts: a scaffold for automatic text mining
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Uncovering trends in gene naming.
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Chemistry Nobel rich in structure
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