1U01HG003156-01 (PI Snyder)
9/30/03 - 7/31/06
Transcriptional and Regulatory Elements in the ENCODE Region
Role: co-PI

The goal is to obtain a coordinated and comprehensive picture of the transcribed regions and factors that regulate or affect transcriptional activity over the genomic regions selected as part of the ENCODE project.

[1] Construct and compare tiling arrays (NASA, Affymetrix, Pcr) for the ENCODE regions.
[2] Identify and analyze regions with transcriptional activity (polyadenylated mRNA).
[3] Identify and analyze transcription factor binding sites (using chromatin immunoprecipitation techniques) and other chromosomal proteins. Examine chromatin modifications.
[4] Analyze DNA methylation patterns.
[5] Publish the results in a publicly accessible database.

Gerstein lab contributions

Providing and continuously refining the framework as well as many of the specific tools for handling and analyzing the data. The Gerstein group will be involved in the processing (e.g., ExpressYourself), the storing, and the analysis of the microarray data. This includes --- but is not limited to --- the analysis of transcription factor motifs, the examination of transcribed regions and their correlation with gene annotations, and the integration of the ENCODE results with other data repositories (e.g., pseudogene annotations).


Yale Encode Project web page
Grant proposal abstract (from CRISP)

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Articles funded by this grant:
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