Grant title: Exploring Approaches for Microarray Databases That Enable Flexible Design and Integrative Analysis

Principal Investigator: Kei-Hoi Cheung (Yale Center for Medical Informatics)

co-PI: M Gerstein

The goal of this project is to explore a number of technologies for representing, storing and processing microarray data, which we will apply these to aid the ongoing research and development of the Yale Microarray Database (YMD).

Received on 7/31/01

Proposal number 0135442

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Articles funded by this grant:
YeastHub: a semantic web use case for integrating data in the life sciences domain.
KH Cheung, KY Yip, A Smith, R Deknikker, A Masiar, M Gerstein (2005). Bioinformatics 21 Suppl 1: i85-96.

An XML-Based Approach to Integrating Heterogeneous Yeast Genome Data
KH Cheung, D Pan, A Smith, M Seringhaus, SM Douglas, M Gerstein (2004). International Conference on Mathematics and Engineering Techniques in Medicine and Biological Sciences (METMBS); pp 236-242

YMD: a microarray database for large-scale gene expression analysis.
KH Cheung, K White, J Hager, M Gerstein, V Reinke, K Nelson, P Masiar, R Srivastava, Y Li, J Li, H Zhao, J Li, DB Allison, M Snyder, P Miller, K Williams (2002). Proc AMIA Symp : 140-4.

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